Mt. Capistrano: Getting There


Mt. Capistrano is primarily located in Malaybalay City. The mountain is sorrounded with barangays of Managok, Simaya and San Martin.

It has become famous due to its fascinating skyscraper scenery from its peak.



Mt. Capistrano can be access from Aglayan or from Bangcud. From either point, I would suggest best to choose Sitio Binalbagan, Barangay Simaya entry point to Mt. Capistrano.

✅From Aglayan

Either from North or South (Cagayan de Oro/Malaybalay – Davao/Valencia City), entry point going to Baranggay Simaya is via Aglayan junction.


Photo below via Google earth

Using your own vehicle, take the route of Aglayan-Zamboanguita (Turning point from Cagayan de Oro is left, and from Davao turn right). From your turning point, simply follow the major concrete road and do ask locals for direction.

Or if without your own ride, your jump off point would be in the junction, then you can simply ask locals for the location of terminal for ‘Habal-Habals’ (Single Motorcycle) that will bring you directly from Aglayan to Sitio Binalbagan, Simaya. You can negotiate the fare from there.

✅From Bangcud

Same with Aglayan jump-off point, Barangay Bangcud has also it’s major junction that will lead you to Barangay Simaya.



Junction view from National Highway


Like from Aglayan, you can just follow the major road, and ask locals for direction. Or otherwise, you will see in the intersection a ‘Habal-habal’ terminal for your pay ride.


For those who will likely take the habal-habal, I advise to tell the driver to pick you up on your desired time. Cause it maybe hard for you to find a ride from Sitio Binalbagan. Nonetheless, you can ask the locals from there if they have contacts to take you back on the highway. After all, the people are very generous and kind. It wouldn’t be a problem, unless it already past 5 or 6pm.

So far, going there is so easy. Road is good and very accessible. As soon as you arrive at Sitio Binalbagan, entry point to the foot of the mountain is very much obvious.

In our back is the actual entry point, which is very visible along the road.

Upon arriving at Sitio Binalbagan, please do log your names in a logbook provided to hikers. There will also be small amount you have to pay.

I am sure you will love the experience.


👑 Kring

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