Sweet Sunrise

Kapayawan Ridge is amongst one of my favorite trekking spot. Becoming more and more popular around this days for its exceptional panoramic view of mountain ridges of the Municipality of Impasug-ong, Province of Bukidnon.

What makes it one of my favorite, is because Kapayawan Ridge suprises you with different beauty on 3 moods (weather).

Kapayawan is scenic, too beautiful to describe when the weather is good. I’d always tell my friends in bisaya: “Baka nalang kulang bes, New Zealand na ang peg (If you put cows there, it feels like New Zealand)”

Yes! Because the plain with minimal trees surrounding it & mountains from afar covered with green grass. Making it looking very fantastic and (ohhh!!) super overwhelming.

January 2, 2017, when I took my 1st ever visit at Kapayawan Ridge. Starting the year with a whole lot positivity and empowerment.

An abrupt decision, to just cater my starving soul and itchy feet. Hungry for climb.

“The nature is calling, so I must go”

5:00 am view

I left home 4:00 am, while my guide (JAIRO) wait for me at Ant Farm.

5:00 more or less we started heading forth.

I must say I got a very nice guide, and a very good photographer as well. Hehehe

6:30 am when we finally arrived on site.

So Happy 😍

Lucky enough to catch the sunrise. It is so touching as I mesmerized by how GOD made all this things so beautiful, so awesome, so incredibly great.

Hi there Mr. Sun

It is my year starter achievement. Solo hike (ofcourse not literally, because i got my guide). Embracing singlehood and bravery. I might say…

From there I started to believe that a lot of self-belief makes you achieve any goals & conquer all fears. And ofcourse, nature is the best remedy for stress relief, healing and negativity destruction.


Following my first climb.

Last January 27-28, 2017 I decided to climb back to Kapayawan. Now, together with my bestfriends.

My super friends Kim, Riza, Bench, Bernie, Sonia and Kim’s cousin ArAr at Ant Farm before trekking. (Mandatory attendance for safety & security of climbers)

We hiked night of January 27, 2017, with the good weather cooperating very well… Everyone is expecting star-gazing that night and the beautiful sunrise next morning.

Unfortunately, no star gazing. & it rained quite heavy around 3:00am.

Our guide (JETRO) is telling me: “We might not get a glimpse of sunrise tomorrow” and “maybe, no clouds tomorrow cause the wind is quite heavy”

… and I am like: “ok 😞”.

The next morning:

It Feel’s like touching the sky. FOG everywhere 😍

Amazingly! I witnessed Kapayawan’s another beauty. A different version of its awesome scenery. The ridge is as beautiful as it was when I first came there. But on a different side. One beautiful foggy, misty, wet, & cold Kapayawan Ridge.




While some clearing showed up. The entire view is covered with white. Like canvass.


My heart skip a bit, when i woke up, got out of the tent and see nothing but clouds!! clouds!! clouds!!.

Sea of clouds! it amaze me. And once again, it touches my soul, my heart, & my inner sensitivity. I am speechless for a second. Honestly, Im almost cried.


I am in awe. Always in awe. This is just one of the many marvelous creation of GOD.

Wonderful and magnificent.

👑 Kring

🚥 Brief Direction:

🚩Location: Impasug-ong, Bukidnon

🚩Drop Off: Impalutao Elementary School, Brgy. Impalutao Impasug-ong Bukidnon

🚩Starting Point: Ant Farm, Impalutao

🚩Fees: 300.00 – 500.00 per person

(Get a good guide, who will not overcharge 😉)

💡 Tips:

✔ Grab the Night hike. No explanation.. just… just take it.

✔ Take Ant Farm, it will cost you but it is the best entry area going Kapayawan.

✔ If you do not have a guide contacted ahead, you can ask the locals for who can they refer for a guide. But I don’t advise this much.(ahmmn.. just email me why.. 😉)

✔ Your Expectation Vs. Weather

✔ Be prepared for unexpected weather changes. I bit Kapayawan is female. Hehehe

✔ Get a trusty Guide. Please get one.


This is JAIRO, my guide when i Hike solo last January 2, 2017 👌 #TheBest Contact him on FB: Jairo Manera or through this #09753261911
This is JETRO: our guide last January 27-28, 2017. 👌 #AlsoTheBest Contact him on his facebook: JT Man, got no contact # of him but you can contact him through JAIRO (above guy). Jairo is Jetro’s brother BTW. Hehe


Our other guide together with JETRO (they go double when handling large group).. & no additional charge for extra guide… He is SLIM by the way. Contact him on FB: Andrew Moi Freeman


Please observe ‘CLEAN AS YOU GO’ rule. The locals & the guide is very particular on observing this rule. They even pick candy wrappers along the way. So no traces of foreign waste in the ridge. Which is very important to know and practiced.



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